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More Colorado News Links

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More Colorado News Links 


News October 2010

Are pot shops right for Eagle County?
    Vail Daily 10/29/10
ELECTION PREVIEW: Medical marijuana bans
   Colorado Springs Gazette 10/29/10
Medical marijuana centers in Mesa County: Battling to stay in business
   Grand Junction Free Press 10/29/10
Pot initiative will be counted
   Denver Daily News 10/29/10
Eagle County ballot questions: Term limits, pot shops 
   Vail Daily 10/27/10
Council should back a reasonable ordinance
  Denver Post 10/27/10
Editorial: Medical pot prosecution is a case of overreaction
   Denver Post 10/27/10
Marijuana looms large for many Aurora voters
   Aurora Sentinel 10/26/10
Denver council limits number of medical-marijuana plants in a residence
   Denver Post 10/26/10
Reader: If you can only grow twelve marijuana plants in Denver 'hoods now, grow them huge!    Westword 10/26/10
Marijuana Legalization Supported By 46% Of Colorado Voters: 9News/Denver Post Poll
   The Huffington Post 10/25/10
Marijuana rally video shows arrest of Lacy Lee, confrontation between cops & angry protesters   Westword 10/25/10
Medical-pot tax revenue could fund enforcement unit 
   Denver Post 10/25/10
City of Steamboat reshaping medical marijuana regulations
   Steamboat Today 10/25/10
Voters to decide about marijuana laws
   Glenwood Springs Post Independent 10/24/10
Chris Bartkowicz: Plea shows jailed MMJ grower thought he was following CO law, Obama memo
   Westword 10/22/10
Sensible Voter Guide: Marijuana on the Ballot in Colorado
   Drug War Chronicle 10/22/10
Medical-marijuana process lagging    
Boulder County Business Report 10/22/10 
Medical-marijuana grower busted by DEA pleads guilty
   Denver Post 10/22/10
Denver-Area Pot Grower Agrees To 5 Years In Prison
   Associated Press 10/21/10
Colorado waives medical marijuana fees for poor
   Associated Press 10/21/10
Medical marijuana and guns don't mix if you're looking to buy a new firearm
   Westword 10/20/10
Colo. pot grower plans guilty plea to drug charges
   Associated Press 10/20/10
Medical marijuana: $90 license fee too high for indigent patients & everyone else, advocate says
   Westword 10/20/10
Medical marijuana cards in Colorado will get cheaper for the poor
   Associated Press 10/20/10
Broomfield voters get their say on pot-business ban
   Broomfield Enterprise 10/20/10
Vail Daily letter: Marijuana saved me
   Vail Daily 10/19/10
Medical marijuana forum planned in Avon
   Vail Daily 10/19/10
Marijuana bust in Denver: Rob Corry asks John Hickenlooper to stop prosecution of Lacy Lee
   Westword 10/19/10
Larimer commissioners say yes, no to medical marijuana
   Fort Collins Coloradoan 10/19/10
Vail Daily letter: Stop the madness
   Vail Daily 10/18/10
Ballot brings 40 votes on allowing medical-marijuana dispensaries     
   Denver Post  10/17/10
Medical marijuana in Denver: Learn all there is to know from... councilwoman Judy Montero?   Westword 10/15/10
The local dispensary dilemma
   Gunnison County Times 10/14/10
America's best buds [Cheech & Chong in C. Springs]
   Colorado Springs Independent 10/14/10
Marijuana legalization: Mason Tvert blasts John Hickenlooper and politicos who dodge issue   Westword 10/13/10
Copies of marijuana ordinance available
   Delta County Independent 10/13/10
Medical marijuana morass
   Durango Herald 10/13/10
Pot advocates to release Colorado voters' guide
   Associated Press 10/13/10
TOWN SQUARE: Hick blasted for not being hip on hemp  
   Colorado Springs Gazette 10/13/10
Marijuana group lauds Stan Garnett, other candidates based on survey
   Colorado Daily 10/12/10
Medical marijuana sodas: Take the Pepsi Challenge for pot with Keef Cola, Dixie Elixirs    Westword 10/12/10
Palisade dispensary could be last in County if voters say no on 1A 
   KKCO 10/12/10
The Audacity of Dope: Obama Breaks Medical Marijuana Promise
   The Huffington Post 10/11/10
Medical pot presents puzzling picture of illegal grow sites
   Denver Post 10/10/10
San Miguel County to Permit Two Medical Marijuana Grow Facilities
   Telluride Watch 10/08/10
Colorado municipalities choose their own medical marijuana destinies
   Steamboat Pilot 10/07/10
Medical marijuana takes city to new sales tax high
   Colorado Springs Gazette10/07/10
Colorado medical marijuana centers capitalize on a variety of products
   Steamboat Pilot 10/07/10
Pot suit court conference set for day ballots go out 
   Colorado Springs Gazette 10/06/10 
Weed surge: Colorado Dems likely to push 2012 pot legalization initiative
   Colorado Springs Independent 10/06/10
Marijuana legalization on the ballot? 
   Denver Daily News 10/06/10
Fruita rejects pot shop
   Grand Junction Daily Sentinel 10/06/10
Tancredo Wants Recreational Pot Debate
   KUNC 10/05/10
Grand Junction City Council votes to ban pot dispensaries
   Grand Junction Daily Sentinel 10/05/10
Medical marijuana waiting period: Patients and MMCs cry foul over 35-day restriction    Westword 10/05/10
You can smoke, but you can't hunt
   Vail Daily 10/04/10
Medical marijuana led to crash that killed John Page Hines?: Inside Joshua Wittig investigation 
   Westword 10/04/10
Medical pot: Home, not health, predicts use in Colo.
   Colorado Springs Gazette 10/03/10
Eagle County dispensaries mobilize as vote looms
   Vail Daily 10/02/10
Pot ban vote cleared in Windsor 
   Greeley Tribune 10/01/10
Federal judge upholds reporter's privilege in medical marijuana case 10/01/10
Medical Marijuana advocates drumming up support for Issue 2C
   Loveland Connection 10/01/10
Treat medical pot like other pharmaceuticals 
   Longmont Times-Call 10/01/10
Medical-pot activists assail Colorado's new 35-day waiting period
   Denver Post 10/01/10

City Council Agenda and Explanatory Notes
Meeting Date: Monday, January 4, 2010 5:30 P.M.

Judge rules Centennial closed pot shop illegally - "The city of Centennial cannot use the potential violation of a federal law   to order a business legally operating under our state constitution to cease and   desist its business"; District Court judge Christopher Cross  said.

Approved by the Safety Committee of the Denver City Council - An ordinance concerning the licensing and regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries.

12/9/09- County Sheriffs of Colorado latest draft

Denver Pot-shop rules get first OK - City Council panel votes to keep dispensaries from setting up within 1,000 feet of schools and each other.

Pot dispensaries forced to shut down await court ruling

Centennial's attorney says medical pot is allowed in most cases, except for retail settings

  • Arapahoe DA targets probationers using medical marijuana
  • One Doctor Wrote 18 Percent Of All Colo. Medical Marijuana Authorizations

  • Medical pot dispensaries growing at a fast clip
  • Laws clash in medical pot lawsuit

  • 15 doctors write three-quarters of marijuana prescriptions
  • Break-in at Boulder pot dispensary

  • Dude, they're putting pot in more than brownies
  • Denver pot clinic robbed by pair of men

  • Committee forwards dispensary regs to Denver City Council
  • Denver medical-marijuana dispensary robbed

  • Pot dispensary near Stapleton school ignites controversy
  • Centennial delays applications for medical-pot dispensaries for six months

  • Blast near Breckenridge possibly linked to hashish production
  • Opinion Blog: Coloradans did not vote for Dr. Reefer

  • Castle Rock considers revoking licenses of medical-marijuana dispensaries
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