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Romer withdraws legislation

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Sen. Romer announced this morning that he will no longer be sponsoring
a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Regulations bill in this session of the
Colorado legislature. In a story posted this morning on The Huffington
Post, Sen. Romer says,

"Without a patient face like Janice Beecher or an effective lobbying
and education campaign by the MMJ community, I see more and more
obstacles to any editorial, bi-partisan or even limited partisan
support for a set of common sense rules."

Sen. Romer will now sponsor a bill in the Colorado Senate which will
only seek to better clarify the doctor-patient relationship and
improve the CDPHE Medical Marijuana Registry. The Colorado House of
Representatives will be introducing a bill based largely on ideas put
forth by the Sheriff's Association and Attorney General Suthers which,
among other things, brings back the "5 patient per caregiver" limit
and would effectively shut down dispensaries.

At this point we don't know many more details but expect to learn lots
of new information over the next several days. To read the full post
from Sen. Romer, please visit:

Last Updated on Monday, 11 January 2010 05:55  

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